I make words (and so can you!) is a podcast hosted by one traditionally published author and one not-so-traditionally published author making their way in the book world.  

Episode 103: On the Hunt (For an Agent)

In which Diana and Marni talk about how to find the right agent for you.

Places to start your agent search

In addition to looking through the acknowledgement's section of books similar to yours or on the websites of authors you like, here are some more general reference points to help get your search started:

  • Writer's Market : WritersMarket.com lists more than 500 literary agents and includes their contact information, preferred modes of contact, recent sales, terms, and more. This service does require a subscription, but you can get access for one month for only $6, so the entry barrier is really low for the value you're getting.

  • Agent Query: A great place to begin your search for an agent that is looking for new clients and represents your book's genre. No cost.

  • Guide to Literary Agents 2018: we recommend finding this reference book at your local library because, as a print reference book, it does get published anew each year and can end up outdated fairly quickly.

Bonus Content

In this episode, we talked about the #MSWL tag on Twitter and how, if you have a manuscript you feel is ready to send out, this tag can help you find agents who are actively looking for books like yours right now. It is worth noting, however, that there are a couple of related websites that aggregate content from this tag and help organize it in a searchable way to make things easier on you:

  • Manuscript Wish List: A search site agents and publishers can contribute to directly to create a profile about themselves and what they want.
  • MS Wishlist: Another site related to the #mswl tag, this time broken down by tagged category, allowing you to jump to the section most relevant to you.

This episode was written and recorded by Marni Bates and Diana Rosengard. 
This episode edited by Diana Rosengard.
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