I make words (and so can you!) is a podcast hosted by one traditionally published author and one not-so-traditionally published author making their way in the book world.  

Episode 104: Rejection - In Querying

In which Diana and Marni talk about dealing with query rejections and all the various ways you can hear no at this stage of the author process.

Marni & Diana's Top 5 Tips For Dealing With Query Rejection

1. Eat your feelings.

Liz Lemon is going to talk to some food...

Admittedly, this is not the greatest long-term strategy. But in the moment? Nothing makes for quite as soothing a balm for the sting of rejection as ice cream...or nachos...or chips and salsa...or barbeque...

2. Talk to a friend.

Seth Cohen complains

Everyone has a friend who just ruthlessly believes in them, no matter what anyone else says or whatever might happen. Love that friend. Cherish that friend. Remember to thank that friend - a lot.  Because, wow, are you going to need them.

3. scream into the void.

People screaming

The actual void, NOT THE INTERNET VOID. We repeat: NOT THE INTERNET VOID. While the internet never forgets, take comfort in knowing that hollow emptiness of space is forever silent.

4. Remind yourself that you aren't alone.

sad girl playing harp

Every writer ever has faced rejection. Every single one. Go ahead. Google your favorite author alongside the words "rejection." We'll wait...

See? We told you. So just know that it's part of the process and not at all a reflection on your talent.

5. Send out more queries!

Kitten in a mailbox

Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. Take a few deep breaths. Then send out some more queries. The only way to deal with the rejection is to push forward until someone says yes. 

We hope these suggestions are helpful to you.

This episode was written and recorded by Marni Bates and Diana Rosengard. 
This episode edited by Diana Rosengard.
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