I make words (and so can you!) is a podcast hosted by one traditionally published author and one not-so-traditionally published author making their way in the book world.  

Episode 201: I Have a Publisher. Now What?

In this episode, Marni and Diana talk about the steps that come for you after you have chosen your path, made your peace, and are on your way toward your publication date. 

That gif...

You know how Marni was talking about a gif in this episode that she described as follows: "you know, the one with the witch, saying it's been, like, so many years..."



Marni has apparently never seen Titanic all the way through so she did not recognize this TOTALLY ICONIC SCENE. Also, she thought Rose was a witch.

Diana doesn't even know what to say about that.

In My Secret Life...

If you were wondering if Diana had a theme song for my secret writing life while she was just writing all the words and telling no one about it, she did. She wanted to share it with you.

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